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Introduction to Collective Journeys

We Are...

Collective Journeys

We create healing opportunities by nurturing a sense of belonging and creating spaces to share stories, experiences, and strategies.

Creating Spaces for Belonging and



Powerful Stories

Collective Journeys is a belonging and wellness consultancy that helps organizations and individuals build sustainable relationships and inclusive environments. To create a new sense of belonging, we believe that museums and historic sites are the perfect venue to bring diverse people together.

Exploring the past critically and carefully enables us to see each other's stories in a new light, build new relationships, and break down the barriers that hinder a collective spirit in which all members of civil society can thrive.

We value the collective energy that can flow from our differences.  Regardless of those differences, we believe that everyone comes to the table with unique gifts, and we are passionate about collecting and sharing those gifts that will ultimately convert fractured communities into restorative communities.

Our T-Shirt

Good Ancestor T-Shirts

A Dakota Elder once asked the most contemplative question we have ever heard:  "What kind of ancestor will you be?"



Because of him, and the work of many others across the globe, we want to inspire the world to consider the impact of our actions on the future.

Let's Meet and Build a New Future

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